20 May Platters Johannesburg

Catering for any event can be completely overwhelming. Deciding on the type of food, the format and sourcing the suppliers can all be too much. Platters are a fantastic way to provide a wide selection of food types and categories – sure to please a...

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19 Apr Event Catering Ideas

When it comes to event organisation, food should never be considered an added extra that quickly gets eaten so that the rest of the event can take place. Food should always take a central role when it comes to the preparation stage, and this means...

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21 Jul Questions to ask office catering companies

A well-run office catering company is a real asset to any organisation because a well-fed staff is a happy staff. Any outsourced service should take hassle away from the client, rather than creating more headaches, so it’s important to know your partnering with a reputable...

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