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Breakfast basket

Breakfast Basket


Variety of fresh scones, muffins, danish pastries, croissants,

Served with a selection of jams and butter.


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Sliced Fruit platter 1

Sliced Fruit Platter


A selection of seasonal fresh fruit slices


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Crudites platter

Crudites Platter


A selection of fresh, seasonal vegetables enjoyed with a dip.


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Cold snack

Cold Snack Platter


Chicken pieces, asparagus ham rolls, top eggs, rolled peppered beef, skewers of cheese, cocktail tomato and gherkin, and french rounds, topped with smoked salmon and cream cheese, grated cheese and chutney, pastrami and pickle.

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French Rounds and Bagel Platter

French Rounds and Bagel Platter


Selection of french rounds and bagels topped with – cottage cheese and sweet chilli, smoked salmon and cream cheese, rocket, brie and red onion marmalade, carpaccio,  parmesan, smoked chicken and cranberry.


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Cocktail Roll Platters

Cocktail Roll Platter


Freshly baked mixed cocktail rolls served with selection of fillings – chicken mayo, egg mayo, tuna mayo, cheese and tomato and pastrami with onion marmalade.


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Sandwich platter

Cocktail Sandwich Platter


Fresh brown and white sandwiches with a selection of fillings – chicken mayo, egg mayo, tuna mayo,cheese and tomato and pastrami with onion marmalade.


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Mixed platter New

Mixed Snack Platter


Prawn rissoles, sausage rolls, mini quiches, meatballs, cocktail sausages, spring rolls, samoosas and chicken peri-peri pieces. Served with a sweet chilli dip.

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Filled Croissant new

Filled Croissant Platter


Fresh croissants filled with chicken and mayonnaise, tuna and mayonnaise, cheese and tomato, roast beef and caramelized onion, ham and cheese.

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chicken platter2

Chicken Platter


Lemon and herb chicken kebabs, crumbed chicken pieces, chicken peri-peri pieces, chicken strips, bbq buffalo wings and thai chicken nuggets served with a perinnaise dip.


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Meat platter

Meat Platter


Beef and chicken mini kebabs, greek meatballs, bbq riblets, variety of cocktail sausages, mini sausage rolls and beef samoosas served with a bbq dip.


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Pita and wrap platter

Pita and Wrap Platter


Sweet chilli chicken pitas and wraps. BBQ beef pitas and wraps. Vegetarian option available. (julienne vegetables pitas and wraps)


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Cocktail Sausage Platter

Cocktail Sausage Platter


Selection of boerewors pieces, cocktail beef sausages, cheese grillers and chicken sausage served with tomato sauce dip


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Meat kebab

Meat Kebab Platter


Succulent marinated kebabs, BBQ Beef, lemon and herb chicken and Greek mint lamb.


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Mini prego 2

Mini Prego Platter


12 x chicken Prego’s in a creamy garlic sauce, 12 x beef Prego in our traditional trinchado sauce.


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Veg platter

Vegetarian Platter


Veggie bites, vegetable rissoles, bbq vegetable kebabs, vegetable curry samoosas, vegetable spring rolls, red pepperdews, skewers of cheese and bella tomatos served with sweet chilli dip.


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Cold meat and cheese platter

Cold Meat and Cheese Platter


A selection of local and imported cheese, served with a variety of cold meats, salted crackers, red pepper-dews, dried fruit and preserve.


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Cheese Board Platter

Cheese Board


Selection of local and imported cheese, dried fruit and preserve, grapes, red pepper-dews and served with crackers.


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Canape Platter


Gourmet toasted bruschetta – tomato and mozzarella & basil pesto, smoked salmon and cream cheese, tuna and cucumber, roasted chicken and mayonnaise, roasted beef and caramelized onion.


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Biltong platter

Biltong, Chips and Chuckles Platter


Biltong, dry wors, crisps, crackers and chuckles.


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kiddies platter

Kiddies Platter


6 x mini beef burgers, 6 x mini chicken schnitzel burgers, 6 x mini hotdogs, 12 x chicken nuggets and 12 x cocktail viennas


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Dessert Platter

Dessert Platter


Selection of mini desserts – 6 round chocolate eclairs, 6 apple tartlets, 6 milk tartlets, 6 pecan tartlets, 6 lemon merangue, 6 fruit tartlets.


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Cupcake Platter


Lovely colourful assortment of fresh cupcakes.


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