The end-of-year office party can bring with it a mixed bag of emotions. Jubilation at the free drinks and food on offer; and merriment at getting to see your favourite colleagues break out their best dance moves as the evening progresses. But there can also be a bit of trepidation at having to socialise with those you’d prefer not to see after hours, as well as the forced conviviality that sometimes suffocates these affairs. To really celebrate your employees dedicated hard work and give them something they will enjoy, here are 7 unique end-of-year function ideas.

1. Office treasure hunt

You can get as creative as you want with this, from a basic treasure hunt for fun prizes, to a more elaborate hunt to find the party venue. This will take some forward planning, but can really be used to build up the anticipation for the big event. Everybody will need to be assigned to a team – which can be done ahead of time. The team will decide on a name and work together to uncover the clues. For the more elaborate version, the clues can actually take the teams around town, with the final clue revealing the office party venue. There can be fun prizes throughout to keep everybody interested.

2. Picnic in the park

This is obviously weather dependent so it will mean booking two potential dates or having a back-up venue on hand. An outside party often makes guests feel less suffocated and more relaxed, with the lack of venue hire also freeing up funds for food and drinks. It’s a nice idea to allow employees to invite their families as well – it’s always great to meet the people you hear about in the office every day. Add in some outdoor activities such as boules, croquet or even a piñata for a truly festive occasion. Remember food and drink are key, so be sure to offer some great catering.

3. Ultimate trivia

This is a really fun way to ensure everybody engages on the night and has a bit of fun. It will take a bit of preparation work, but the results are worth it. The trivia can be related to the line of work you’re in, with a few personal queries thrown in to make it entertaining – what’s the boss’ dog’s name? How many sugars does Margaret the secretary have in her tea? The trivia rounds can be spaced out between courses, so as not to overwhelm all at once.

4. Outdoor excursion

Sometimes it’s best to involve people in an activity for a year-end function, to break the ice and get them interacting. This is particularly true for a big organisation where the staff might work in very different departments without much daily interaction or any similar interests. Things that you could consider are game drives, tenpin bowling, adventure golf, paintballing, river rafting or putt putt. This can be followed by some drinks and snacks.

5. Around the world (or office)

Employees can be divided into groups – or rather by department if it’s easier – and are given a budget and a theme or country to work with. They are then required to decorate their office space accordingly, with food and drinks from the country of origin – or related theme – on offer. On the day, everybody moves from country to country, or space to space, sampling the cuisine with a final winner announced at the end.

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