Convenience, taste and correct quantity are all essential elements that need to fuse harmoniously to create the perfect catered office meal. In addition, you have to cater to a really diverse variety of tastes. This isn’t always an easy task, so here are a few catering ideas that have worked very well in the office environment.

Office Catering Ideas

1. Power breakfast

Get the working day off to the best start with a fresh fruit salad platter, some assorted yoghurts, muffins, bagels and eggs. There’s no better way to start an energy-driven meeting than on a happy, full stomach.

2. Boxed lunches

Conveniently packaged, easy to travel – for offsite meetings – and simple to discard after the meal, boxed lunches are a great option for corporate meetings. They can include sandwiches, salads, snacks, wraps…really anything that can be packaged without the possibility of leaks or spills. And, by simply adding a corporate sticker, you have a great marketing tool. Read more about daily meals.

3. Table centre snacks

For those intense meetings where a lunch break would only halt the productive momentum, opt for a series of gourmet sandwiches, tasty bagels or delectable wraps which can easily be placed along the centre of the table. This hassle-free, easy-to-eat lunch option can cater to a variety of tastes and dietary requirements – filling options can be sweet or savoury and the bread, bagel or wrap can come in a plain, whole-wheat or low GI.

4. Party trays

This is a really great catering option for corporate meetings and conventions, particularly more informal settings where numbers and dietary options aren’t necessarily confirmed beforehand. Again, a vast selection of tastes can easily be catered for with a lovely mix of sandwiches, meats, cheeses, fruit and vegetables. Ask your chosen catering company for their platter options.

5. Banquet-style lunch

Hard work really builds up an appetite and a great reward – and fuel for more work – is a cooked meal. Chicken vindaloo; grilled hake and vegetables; tender sirloin steak or seafood lasagne are all really enticing options for a sit-down meal. Ensure you work closely with your caterer to get the timing and meal choices correct for the day.

6. Substantial salads

Summer in South Africa can prove almost too hot for food, but a tasty salad might be just the right thing to refresh and revitalise. Mediterranean, beetroot or Greek salads will certainly fill the spot, accompanied by freshly baked rolls and butter as the perfect addition.

7. Buffet

For a major event involving a large number of office employees, then a buffet is always a fulfilling option. They can be easily customised to both taste and budget, offering a variety of both hot and cold dishes – starters, mains and desserts. Ask your chosen catering company about their buffet options.

8. Tea treats

The perfect break-time fuel for either morning or afternoon snacks – ideal for keeping those active minds active and the tummy’s satiated – is tea treats. Tea, coffee and warm beverages can be paired with cakes, scones, biscuits and muffins to warm the heart.

There are so many great options that will work in the office catering environment, as long as you’re using a reliable catering company. An efficient organisation will adapt to meet your individual needs while always supplying quality food.

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