Catering Ideas for 21st’s

The final step into adulthood is a time to be celebrated but there are so many factors that need to be considered. The congregation of one’s family and friends inevitably means a room filled with people of varying ages, interests and tastes, all of which need to be catered for. But at the end of the day, it’s about you – the birthday girl or boy. Here are some fun ideas for 21st catering.

Ideas for 21st catering

1. Favourite foods

The attention needs to be on you so why not centre all the food selections on your personal tastes. 21st birthday celebrations invariably touch on the individual’s childhood, so introduce a few favourites from years gone by – in a creative way. Harken to the 80s with a pineapple hedgehog, sloppy joes, quiche or a pasta salad. For the desserts you could consider a child-like party spread complete with cheese curls, smarties and fizzers. Whatever you choose, it must speak to your personal tastes.

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2. Spitbraai

This is a firm favourite with partygoers, is easily organised, delicious and fun. The gorgeous South African climate really lends itself to a spitbraai and there are so many reliable catering companies that will assist with everything from hiring out and setting up the equipment, to serving and clearing away. Found out about spitbraai catering options.

3. Food stations

If you’re looking to avoid a traditional sit-down 21st celebration then food stations are a fun way to feed your guests and encourage some mingling. The options for each station are endless and can include donut walls, vegetable shots, fruit trees, pie stops, cheese platters, taco bars, burger stations…the only limit is your imagination.

4. Around-the-world braais

While South Africans like to claim the braai as their own, the reality is that most cultures have some form of traditional barbeques and they’re all delicious. Why not take your guests on a round-the-world barbeque tour with tasty eats from India, Thailand, Argentina, Portugal, the USA and Australia? Instead of a formal sit-down lunch or dinner, guests can meander, chat, drink, laugh and snack throughout the party.

5. Personalised drinks

Typically, a lot of drinks are consumed at 21st birthday celebrations but it’s nice to start with something a bit more elegant like a glass of bubbly with fruit or a signature cocktail. Why not work with a mixologist and find a special drink that reflects you.

6. Cake

What’s a birthday without a cake? And when it comes to 21st celebrations, the cake has to be a real showstopper. Once again, it’s about your personal tastes so try incorporate items from your childhood or that reflect you. An image or yourself as a baby is always a fun idea, otherwise choose a particular memento that has some significance and bring it into the design.

Catering is one of the key elements when planning any big event so you need to ensure you’re working with a catering company that will deliver the results as promised. Check online reviews, talk to others in the industry and sample food before making your final decision.

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