With the festive season in full swing, many corporates, digital marketing agencies, small business are hosting the long-anticipated annual office party. This is a joyous time when colleagues get to interact in a completely different environment, outside of the more rigid work structures, and nothing brings people together more than great food. Here are some catering ideas to get the party off to a good start.

Catering ideas

1. Festive brunch

While festive parties and alcohol do tend to go together, this can often lead to inappropriate office behaviour and many embarrassed faces the following morning. Sometimes it’s just safer to leave booze out of the equation, and one way to do this is by holding a festive brunch, rather than a lunch or dinner. Catering will include a mini-breakfast – so many fun finger foods to consider – with teas, coffees, fruit juices and smoothies.

2. Cocktail party

Budgets are often tight come end of year – with bonuses and tough economic climates – but that doesn’t mean the office party has to be cheap. Cocktail parties are now back in fashion and a great way to incorporate a range of canapes and fun drinks. Food stations are also a fun way to spice up the traditional cocktail party.

3. Festive salad

Bring in those Christmas colours to liven up a really great meal. Tomato and basil salads; green bean and bacon pasta salad; peppers, spinach, broccoli…. get creative with colours and make a masterpiece meal simply.

4. Christmas Tree tray

This can be a truly iconic and delicious office party addition. Select a variety of cheeses and red grapes and arrange them in the shape of a Christmas Tree, using celery as the base with some leaves as a garnish. This takes almost no time to make and is always a hit.

5. Christmas pizzas

Incorporate the Christmas colours in these delightfully delectable mini pizzas which are both eye-catching and delicious. The red marinade can be topped with any manner of green vegetables and cheese. Take it a step further by cutting them into festive shapes – Christmas stockings, stars, trees…

6. Hot chocolate dessert

Rather than getting to fussed over a big dessert for the office party, why not try a really decadent hot chocolate that is both festive and delicious. This can be topped with whipped cream and strawberries or cherries to bring in the beautiful red colour.

7. Reindeer desserts

Rudolph the Reindeer cupcakes, cookies and brownies will get office party guests in the festive mood – and they’re incredibly basic to make. Just make the chocolate brownie, cupcake or iced chocolate biscuit, add pretzels for antlers, marshmallows for eyes and a red Smartie (or similar sweet) for the nose.

8. Festive fruit platter

With all those processed sugars, partygoers will be happy to indulge in something healthy as well and fruit platters are always a vibrant food addition. You can really make this festive by arranging the fruit in the shape of a Christmas Tree or using lots of red and green combinations.

Catering for office parties doesn’t have to be an all-out extravagant affair. With a few simple touches, and some creative inspiration, you can create a really effective display that will please all tastes. Otherwise, source a reliable caterer that can will offer a hassle-free service that also tastes great!

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