When it comes to event organisation, food should never be considered an added extra that quickly gets eaten so that the rest of the event can take place. Food should always take a central role when it comes to the preparation stage, and this means getting a little bit more creative than sandwiches and sausage rolls. Here are a few event catering ideas that could really make your event stand out.

Event catering ideas

1. Take it outdoors

The simple gesture of moving an event to the outdoors immediately lifts the spirits of all those attending. Fresh air, beautiful scenery and space always beats the cramped indoors of an indoor hall. Obviously, the weather has to play its part but consider hiring a marquee just in case. Once the setting has been established, the food will follow suit – picnic baskets overflowing with baked goods, tasty meats, fresh fruits and delicious sauces will win anyone over.

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2. Keep it local

Eco-friendly foods are the preferred options these days – not just because they’re trendy, but because they’re delicious. Embrace this sustainable move by sourcing only local ingredients for your event and let your guests know where their food is from. They’re going to enjoy the local flavours so much they’re going to want to try the dishes at home.

3. Think in the box

For corporate events, consider trendy, branded boxes that allow guests the opportunity to select food items that they would like to take home with them. This can serve as a ‘doggy bag’ of sorts, alternatively these can be used to serve the meal items – perfect for a picnic or relaxed seating environment.

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4. Get guest input

Make your guests feel truly important by asking for their input on the menu items ahead of the event. This doesn’t have to be an expansive menu list but will give your guests a feeling of appreciation while also ensuring that you serve food that will be eaten at the event.

5. Mix up the order

The traditional starter, main, dessert is fine, but why not try mixing this up a bit just for something different. Start with dessert appetisers, followed by an aperitif and salads, with a selection of main meal offerings thereafter. This can work well with a tapas-style meal where the servings are not too excessive in size.

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