Food is an integral part of any event. It can bring crowds together across different ages, backgrounds and interests. It creates a sense of fulfilment and camaraderie that eases the mood and sets the tone for a successful occasion. But it’s important to determine what catering format will suit the event. Here are a few options to consider:

1. Cocktail

The cocktail party is the perfect choice for networking events, encouraging people to mingle and chat. This involves assorted platters of easy to eat foods such as kebabs, vegetable sticks and cheeses which can either be served by waiters or placed on standing tables around the venue. The benefit of cocktail catering is that it caters to varying food interests and allows for social engagement.

2. Spitbraai

This is a fantastic catering option suited to larger crowds for anything from a casual birthday party to a formal wedding. The succulent spitbraai meat is a very popular with a wide audience and a good catering company will organise delicious sides including salads and hotpots. Event organisers can either hire a catering company to prepare the food onsite or demonstrate how it’s done. This is suited to a sit-down dinner or more cocktail-type social gathering.

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3. Buffet Service

Also a great catering option for large crowds, the buffet is a selection of hot and cold food displayed in bain-maries at a food station with guests able to file past and choose what they want to eat as well as the portion. These are great for conferences, hospitality events and more casual affairs, although buffets are becoming a more popular option for weddings and other celebratory events.

4. Table Buffet

Also known as ‘family service’, this is a classier take on the traditional buffet whereby large platters are placed in the middle of each table and guests can help themselves. This eliminates the school-style lining up for food that seems to take the elegance out of an event, while also encouraging guests to interact while serving. The table buffet is gaining traction at intimate parties, corporate events or weddings.

5. A La Carte

This is a rare option at catered events – more commonplace in restaurants – but that’s not to say it can’t be done. In fact, many wedding caterers are providing this service on a smaller scale with guests able to select between two or three options per course. People do enjoy a bit of as it makes them feel their opinion matters!

6. Pop-up Food Stations

This is a modern catering option where food is served from a kiosk or converted vehicle at the event, usually from a well-known local eatery. There can be a range of food stations or just one, depending on the event size, but it’s usually a very wholesome, gourmet offering. Hamburgers, kebabs and pitas work well in this format.

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