Looking for the perfect event catering service? Then you will need to ask a few questions in order to make sure you find the right supplier at the right price. Event catering services can range from the elaborate 5-course meal to a simple spit braai over the weekend. Your requirements will determine which catering company is right for you.

What are event catering services?

Event catering services are business that provide catering for a variety of events. These events can include corporate office functions, daily lunch meals, buffets, awards dinners, birthday parties and cocktail parties. Some event catering services offer only food for the event while other companies offer the entire package from table décor to food, drinks and more. It is a good idea to find an event catering service that has experience in the event type that you’re planning to have and leverage off these expertise.

How do I choose the right event catering service?

There are a number of ways that you can determine which event catering service is the right one for you. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Use the Internet to find an event catering service that is applicable to you. For example “event catering service for my office party” you will then most likely pick up options that are relevant to this search term. It’s worthwhile choosing a provider that is close to you so that food doesn’t need to be transported for too long.
  2. Once you have narrowed down your list it’s time to do your homework.
  3. Ask for testimonials from the companies you have chosen. If you can actually speak to a previous client that would help tremendously. The catering company shouldn’t hesitate to give you the number of a satisfied client.
  4. Have a meeting with the chosen event catering service and discuss your requirements in full. A proactive catering company should be able to offer a few ideas as well as suggest a menu that is right for your function. This meeting will also determine whether a buffet, plated menu, platters or spit braai is the right option for your event.

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Event catering service lingo

If this is your first time trying to organise an event you may not be used to some of the jargon that is used by catering companies. Here is a mini-guide for you to use in those sticky situations:

  • A la Carte: A phrase meaning “according to the menu,” which refers to a variety of differently priced dishes that are set.
  • Apéritif: A before dinner, light alcoholic beverage that is used to stimulate appetite
  • Canapé: Bite sized appetizers
  • Market Price or AQ (As Quoted): used in place of a set price on a menu item where the price shifts seasonally or where prices fluctuate greatly
  • Charger: Also known as the under plate, they’re larger decorative plates used to dress up the table and food is not served on them
  • Intermezzo: an intermission in meal service just before the main course. Sorbet is usually served to cleanse the palate
  • Plated service: A method of presentation where food is arranged by the chef before being presented to guests
  • Platters: Used to display and serve canapés to your guests. Can be extravagant or elegant, and should always allow for beautiful presentation

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