This is the year of food as the benefits of healthy eating are becoming more understood. Where food used to be an afterthought in the workplace, employers are starting to give more consideration to exactly what type of foods should be served. Wholesome, healthy meals do much more for energy levels and workplace productivity than sugar-drenched treats so here are a few examples to try this year.

1. Avocado salads

This luscious fruit is versatile, vitamin-enriched and deliciously filling, making it the perfect lunchtime accompaniment. Try adding some chicken, tomatoes, sunflower seeds and a sauce of your choice to make a really worthwhile avocado chicken salad. Take it a step further and place this in a wrap for an easy-to-eat meal. If you’d prefer a vegetarian version of this, replace the chicken with chickpea as great protein substitute.

2. Fruit and cheese salads

Salads are always a great workplace meal… they’re healthy, non-invasive odour-wise and, if made well, incredibly tasty. This year, why not try the delicious summertime watermelon, tomato and cheese salad. It might seem a bit of a taste clash, but you’ll be surprised how well the cheese and watermelon complement each other.

3. Sensational sandwiches

There’s nothing wrong with a sandwich but this year, try something just a smidge different to make lunch that much more exciting. Try some peanut butter – or any other nut-based butter spread – and add a few apple slices. The nutty protein and natural sugars will give you the much-needed energy to keep going throughout the day.

4. Healthy burgers

Sometimes it’s worth putting in some cooking time over the weekend and freezing various food options to defrost throughout the week. One such option is the sweet potato, chickpea and quinoa veggie burger. A delightful medley of healthy foods which can be thrown onto a burger roll with some delicious relish and toppings.

5. Pasta and rice salads

Where salads might seem a little unfulfilling, add that wonderful ingredient – pasta. Wholegrain or durum wheat pasta are healthier options and they can be added to an array of fresh vegetables and sauces. Throw in some salmon, chicken or aubergine to really get that desired flavour. If you prefer, you can replace pasta with high-fibre brown rice.

6. Homemade wraps

If you’re tired of the sandwich option but love an on-the-go meal, then try flatbeads, wholegrain wraps or tortillas as a tasty alternative. Fillers could be spicy chicken, red peppers and avocado while tuna mayo or roasted chickpea provide great flavoursome options. You can pack the ingredients separately and quickly prepare at work.

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