A well-run office catering company is a real asset to any organisation because a well-fed staff is a happy staff. Any outsourced service should take hassle away from the client, rather than creating more headaches, so it’s important to know your partnering with a reputable catering company from the start. Here are a few questions to assess whether this is the best office catering company for you.

Office Catering

1. Do you cater for dietary restrictions?

Besides the cultural and allergy restrictions on diet, many people are becoming extremely selective about what food they will and won’t eat. Gluten, dairy, meat, sugar, and so many other ingredients, are coming under the spotlight so it’s important that the catering company takes all this into consideration when planning meals. Food preparation methods must also be in line with certain dietary requirements.

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2. What are your menu options?

It’s always helpful to get an idea of what sort of meals an office catering company provides, and how wide a selection it offers. Do they keep up-to-date with food trends and how often do they change their menus? Do they offer fun, themed menus for special occasions?

3. What does the ‘per person’ price include?

Find out if the cost takes everything into consideration because this is often where a client will get caught out. Items such as plates, serviettes, condiments and sides might be an added extra fee so make sure this is cleared up before signing the contract. Outline exactly what the delivery costs include – you don’t want to find an extra cost attached because you’re ‘out of area’.

4. Who are some of your other clients?

For a start-up office catering company, this might be difficult to provide and you will just have to accept that you are a guinea pig. But for anyone who’s been in the industry a while, they should happily provide you with lists of previous clients. This allows you to assess their competency and also compare your company size and requirements with their other clients, determining whether they will be the right fit.

5. Is it possible to get testimonials?

Satisfied customers are generally happy to recommend good service providers onto others so if a catering company can’t provide any testimonials, then this should signal a problem. It’s also worth going online and seeking out reviews about your potential office catering company because dissatisfied customers also like to make their feelings known.

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6. How does your delivery system work?

Find out about when food will be delivered by and what the repercussions are for missed deadlines. Does the delivery person come into the building and distribute the food or is it all dumped at the front desk? It’s these little acts, where companies go the extra mile, that makes their employment worthwhile.

7. Does your staff have a dress code?

Staff appearance sets the tone for any organisation and, if delivery staff will be entering your premises on a regular basis, you will want to ensure they appear professional as it reflects on both your company and the catering service.

8. Do you take last-minute orders?

Meetings get changed, people will be added to the roster, and other unforeseen variables will upset the original plan. It’s important to find a catering company that takes this into consideration and – within reason – can assist with last-minute changes. Find out what the surcharges are for such services and any cut-off deadlines ahead of time.

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9. Can I have a tour of the kitchen?

As fussy as people are about what goes into their food, they’re just as fussy about how and where their food is prepared. With good reason. Any catering company should gladly give you a tour of the kitchen, respecting all codes of hygiene and cleanliness. This will also give you a chance to see the catering company at work, giving you a better feel for the whole operation.

10. Do you offer any specials?

It’s always great to mix up a menu and also get something more for your cash so it’s worth finding out about any daily, weekly or monthly specials offered by the office catering company.

11. Where do you source your ingredients?

Any catering company that keeps the same menu season after season and year after year is most certainly not using the freshest ingredients which means the food will not be great quality. If your office catering company sources locally produced ingredients, then you know they offering something worth eating, with real nutritional value.

12. Who is my point of contact?

Receive the wrong food order? Food delivery is late? Make sure you know exactly who to contact and what the procedure is for complaints. A good company shouldn’t have too many issues but an even better company will deal with any problem timeously, putting the customer first.

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