The one-size-fits-all approach to corporate catering just won’t cut it in the modern office space as people’s tastes get more discerning and their appreciation for good food more developed. This has prompted a revolution in catering trends which is hugely beneficial for the consumers.

Office Catering

1. Diet-specific menus

People are much more conscious of what goes into food and the long-lasting effects on the body. Atkins, paleo, banting…there are so many diets – or lifestyle choices – that restrict ingredients that used to feature quite prominently in catered foods. This has seen catering companies adapting their menus and offerings to accommodate a wider variety of dietary interests. Consumers can expect more flexible, simplistic options and customisable menus.

2. Street food

Food is a sensory experience, not just a process of energy-loading in between meetings which is why corporate catering has seen the introduction of ‘street food’ options. Where traditional sandwiches used to suffice, there has been a move towards more specialised fare, in the form of a pop-up restaurant of types. For a basic option, expect burritos, tortillas, gourmet burgers or pitas delivered to the venue. Alternatively, for a really high-end corporate event, onsite food trucks serving ready-to-eat meals are the preferred option. This ‘rustic’ option fuses wholesome, fun food with a touch of elegance.

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3. Corporate branding

Corporate catering is a direct reflection of the organisation itself. Bland, cheap food will leave the diner with a bitter aftertaste of the company – true or not – so it’s important that office catering reflects the company brand. This is particularly important when a company is hosting potential clients. High-quality, carefully chosen cuisine will immediately connect the consumer with an elevated company image.

4. Social snack stations

Networking events and cocktail parties call for fun, social snack stations with a range of platters placed across the venue or served by wait staff. If there is a meal still to come, then basic cheese, fruits, vegetables and dips will suffice for snack stations, otherwise opt for more hearty food such as meats and breads. This type of food option allows guests to nibble while working the room.

5. Appearance matters

The arrival of food at any work function is a welcome sight for all attendees – it signifies a break from the monotony of work, a bit of downtime to chat and socialise as well as a chance to indulge in delicious food. While food has to obviously taste good, eating involves satisfying other senses as well – especially sight. Food presentation has become extremely important so, rather than a catering company that just dumps piles of food, be sure to go for one that brings presentation – as well as taste – into the equation.

6. Bring back brunch

The beauty of brunch is varied – it combines two mealtimes, saving on costs; decreases the number of work breaks needed and also allows for such a wide range of food types. Eggs, fish, fruits, cereals, breads and cold meats can all be incorporated into this delicious meal which will keep corporates going for longer.

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Corporate catering companies that aren’t keeping up with growing food trends will not be able to satisfy the ever-more discerning clients in the marketplace. Be very selective when choosing an office caterer as the food plays a major role in elevating the mood of employees and clients.

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