If you are organising the catering for a big EXCO meeting or for daily training meals then it’s important to remember a few vital office catering points that will help you to provide the perfect meal for your guests. Here are a few top tips to help you provide the perfect office catering:

Office Catering Tips

1. Establish what type of office occasion it will be.

If the occasion is a baby shower or an informal in-house brain storming session then it will probably suffice to order a few platters for the occasion. If however the occasion is a meeting with a new, important client that you’re trying to impress then perhaps it’s a good idea to choose a buffet meal set up where your guests can help themselves to the food and choose what they like. Once you establish what type of meeting it will be you can narrow down your office catering company choices.

2. Ask about any Food Allergies

The last thing you want to do is provide food that no one can eat due to allergies. If it’s training catering or office catering you can easily ask attendees to fill out a form. For big meetings with important clients you can ask the meeting organiser to find out this information for you. It will impress your guests if you provide exactly the food that they can eat and love (within reason of course).

3. Choose Healthy and Easy to Eat Food

Most office catering companies will provide a variety of menus that you can choose from in order to satisfy most tastes. It is always the best option to choose healthy and easy to eat food for a corporate occasion. Serving sticky ribs to be eaten by hand may prove inappropriate for a brainstorming session. Choose an office catering company that can provide appropriate food for the occasion.

office catering

4. Ensure food safety

There would be nothing worse than if your guests were to get food poisoning or eat spoilt food that you have supplied! Imagine the bad impression that would make. By asking your chosen office catering company what their food safety measures are as well as what guidelines they follow to ensure food is always fresh and tasty, you can eliminate any nasty suprises. If the food is being delivered to you, ask about whether they use refrigerated trucks, how long the food stands before it is delivered and what the storage instructions are once you receive the food. Hot summer days can be detrimental to catering.

5. Remember the Drinks

All this talk about office catering and food may have you forgetting to take care of the drinks. Many office catering companies can provide these if you request. It may be easier to have everything delivered together so that you don’t forget about the all important refreshments table. A few jugs with water, lemon and mint also go a long way to make your guests feel welcome and hydrated during their training or meeting.

Access control

Lastly remember if you its for a large cooperate office with partners or family invited you will need to control who has access to the office event. Event wristbands can be used to control this access.

Most office catering companies will go out of their way to provide excellent office catering, training catering or corporate catering, so it’s a good idea to find the right one. Read our pick of the 5 Best catering companies in Johannesburg.

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