Catering for any event can be completely overwhelming. Deciding on the type of food, the format and sourcing the suppliers can all be too much. Platters are a fantastic way to provide a wide selection of food types and categories – sure to please a diverse crowd – with minimal effort and maximum taste. Here are some of the best platters available across Johannesburg.

Best Platters Johannesburg


1. Forks & Fingers Caterers 

With 20 years of industry experience, Forks & Fingers pride themselves in providing quality service with a focus on the emerging South African food market. They offer an extensive menu range but are quick to point out that they can adjust the platter menu to suit individual budget and taste. Some of their hot snack platters include:

• Gourmet platter
• Chicken platter
• Vegetarian platter
• Mini vetkoek platter
• South African platter
• Sausage bite platter

And don’t miss out on any of their cold snack platters, including:

• Health platter
• Seafood platter
• Cold meat platter
• Nibbler platter
• Sandwich platter
• Classic sweet platter
• Seasonal fruit platter

2. Central Kitchens 

Easily one of Johannesburg’s top catering companies, Central Kitchens knows their way around a platter. No matter what your function or meal requirement they’ve got you covered. Sourcing quality ingredients from only the best local suppliers, their platters guarantee freshness. All food is prepared and cooked onsite daily by highly experienced chefs. Some of their delicious platters include (among many others):

• Breakfast platter
• Sliced fruit platter
• Salmon and mouse platter
• Crudités platter
• Cold snack platter
• French rounds and bagel platter
• Cocktail roll platters
• Cocktail sandwich platter
• Pita and wrap platter
• Dessert platter

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3. The Backyard Catering 

Specialising in homestyle, delicious food presented with a touch of rustic charm is The Backyard Catering. They cater for small-to-medium events such as corporate meals and private parties and prefer to customise platter options according to individual taste. Platters are one of their specialities, offering a variety of freshly-made options all served on elegant ceramic platters with the food beautifully garnished.

4. Table of Honour Special Caterers 

Business conferences, lunches, seminars, training sessions, family or special occasions…Table of Honour are a great platter catering option for all events. Having worked in the industry for 28 years, they have mastered the art of the platter, knowing what suits which function. From their cheese plates to mini milk tartlets, they have something to meet every need.

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5. All About Food 

For fresh, delicious food platters – presented on stylish wooden boards – for everything from product launches to birthday parties, All About Food is all about taste. They believe food is a sensory experience, a culinary adventure that goes beyond just eating which is why they choose to customise the food options for clients.

6. Fournos 

This popular line of caterers adheres to the ‘less umming and more aahing’ approach to food and their bite-sized treats are simply irresistible. All made from the finest, freshest, natural ingredients on hand, they really offer an expansive range of platter options, among them:

• Fresh fruit skewer platter
• Sweet platter
• Children’s party platter
• Proudly South African platter
• Hot or cold meats platter
• Meze platter
• Rissoles platter
• Executive pastry platter