The year is already coming to a close and with it comes the December festivities and office parties to celebrate hard work and dedication. Catering for large-scale functions, such as these, can be somewhat difficult, with so many tastes to consider and hungers to meet. This is why a catered spit braai is always such a popular option.

Spit Braai Catering

Johannesburg-based Central Kitchen Caterers are experts in the field of spit braais and take the hassle out of all function catering. Years within the South African food industry have taught them how to perfect the art of spit braai catering for every function, with every aspect of catering – from time management to clean up – covered by the professionals. Only the freshest ingredients are used for every event and the meat, sides and sauces are all prepared to perfection.

Spit braai menu

Central Kitchen Caterers has an extensive spit braai menu which includes salads and sides. The meat selection includes:

• A whole lamb delicately marinated in rosemary and sage
• Spicy baby chickens in a mild peri-peri flavoured sauce
• Karoo lamb legs also marinated in rosemary and sage
• Buttocks of beef in a delicious barbeque marinade
• Succulent leg of pork

All salad ingredients are fresh and wholesome. For your function, select three of the following options:

• Baby potato salad dressed in a coriander-infused olive oil vinaigrette
• Mediterranean salad mixed with tasty olives and pineapple
• Greek salad with soft feta and olives
• Pickled beetroot salad
• A traditional Cape curry three-bean salad
• German coleslaw
• Cabbage and cucumber salad
• Grated carrot and pineapple salad
• Pasta salad

To really complete any spit braai, it’s important to accompany the meat and salad with deliciously saucy hotpots. Event hosts can select any three of the following:

• Traditional South African pap with the home-style tomato and onion gravy
• Potato bake consisting of potato slices in a cream cheese and onion topping
• Baby potatoes and sautéed cocktail onions in a rosemary and garlic-infused sauce
• Creamy spinach and butternut
• Seasonal roast vegetables sautéed with onions and thyme
• Cauliflower and broccoli bake with a deliciously cheesy white sauce
• A wholesome savoury rice
• Selection of cocktail rolls and butter

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Cost and extras

All spit braai catering is for a minimum of 40 people at a cost of R155 per person excluding VAT. Bookings must be made with at least two-days’ notice to ensure everything is ready for your big day, and all requests must be emailed through. Central Kitchen Caterers also offer a host of other services to make the event run smoothly, including:

• Full hiring service
• Full bar service
• Bar and waiter staff
• Event management
• Flower and décor service

Central Kitchen Caterers is an experienced and professional catering company based in Kya-Sands Johannesburg. We cater for a number of events as well as day to day catering, spit braai’s, office functions and training meals. We make delicious Platters, Spit Braai’s, Buffet Meals and more to suite your requirements. Contact Central Kitchen Caterers today for your catering requirements.