December is a time of festive get-togethers with friends, family and colleagues celebrating another year while taking some time out. For those in charge of organising these cheery functions, catering can prove to be somewhat of a nightmare. However, there is a very simple solution – hiring a spit braai. This long-standing South African tradition is popular for a reason, spit braais are hassle-free, delicious catering options that suit a range of tastes and types.

Spit braai functions

Because of the versatility and popularity of the spit braai, it is suited to a range of event types outside of the year-end office party. Once the spit braai is going, hosts can mingle with guests who will become ever-more tantalised by the aromas wafting from the spit braai. Other functions suited to a spit braai include:

• Birthday celebrations
• Family get-togethers
• Rustic weddings
• Pool parties
• Trade shows
• School festivals

Spit braai options

One of the great things about spit braais is the versatility. There is no one recipe that suits everyone, you can adapt the spit braai to the individual event. Here are some meal options to consider.

• Meat – this can be the traditional lamb-on-the spit, or you could go for baby chickens, beef, pork or even seafood.

• Salads – there is an endless option of choices here but some ideas include a baby potato salad, Mediterranean salad, Greek salad, pickled beetroot salad, three-bean salad, cabbage and cucumber salad, pasta salad, grated carrot and pineapple salad or traditional German coleslaw.

• Hotpots – this is where you can really complete the spit braai meal. Options here include South African pap with a tomato and onion gravy; potato bake slices with a cheese and onion topping; baby potatoes with sautéed cocktail onions; roasted vegetables; a cauliflower and broccoli bake; savoury rice or creamy spinach and butternut.

Spit braai tips and processes

If it’s your first time hiring a spit braai then here are a few things to check as well as suggestions on how to get the best out of your spit braai.

• Give yourself ample time for cooking, it’s not a quick process.
• When the spit braai is delivered, check that it has been properly cleaned and maintained.
• Check all the necessary accessories are included – the rod, motor, gas/charcoal, U and H bolts if needed.
• Check the spit braai is working on delivery.
• Check the recommended weight and ensure your meat is within the range.
• Correctly mount the meat onto the rod.
• Use a long-nosed lighter when starting the fire.
• Make sure the meat turns properly inside the spit braai.
• Keep a regular check on the burners or charcoal to ensure there is enough heat.
• Use a sharp carving knife and keep a meat tray ready.

Although there is some technique needed when spit braaiing, the art can be very quickly learnt. Many catering companies that hire out spit braais also hire out extras such as crockery, cutlery and serviettes and may even offer bar and waiter services. To take the hassle out of event management, this is definitely an option to consider.

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