Parties come and parties go but there are always certain elements that make select parties stand out from the rest. One of these elements is the food, and it’s not just about the food being good – that’s obviously important – but it has to be really creative as well. Here are some really unique party catering ideas to set your event apart from the rest.

Catering ideas

1. Hybridisation

This involves pairing the food and drink experience with a fun activity, offering party-goers a really memorable occasion and interesting dining encounter. This could be a beer-tasting event interspersed with yoga, or French film watching experience fused with authentic Indian cuisine. The idea is to attempt to merge two dissimilar styles and tastes for something fun and innovative.

2. Food Stations

Rather than a big buffet table at a party that makes guests feel like they’re back at boarding school, position food stations around the room with chefs and servers on hand to assist with food selections. This makes for a more holistic dining experience where the food takes centre stage.

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3. Signature Drinks

Although beer and wine options are fine for a party, it’s worth considering making the drink the focal point by hiring professional mixologists to wow guests with signature cocktails. Go one step further and get the barman to present each guest with their own signature drink.

4. Vote on the Menu

This might require a bit more preparation but will certainly make your guests feel involved in the party from the get-go. Send out a selection of menu options to the guests and get them to vote for their preferred meal choices or dishes. The favourite picks can be served at the party and the results shared with the party-goers – add in some fun prizes for another layer to this game-show-type party.

5. Fun Fair-themed Foods

This is by no means a healthy option but certainly a fun party idea. Offer your guests fun-fair related foods at various food stations across the party. Snow cones, candy floss, hot dogs, mini doughnuts, ice cream, popcorn, kebabs… there are endless ways to explore this catering option which brings with it really fun décor ideas as well.

6. Locally-sourced Foods

Work with a really forward-thinking caterer and plan a party using only local-sourced ingredients. These could be community-grown vegetables and fruits, local spices, home-made baked items and regionally-found meats. The result will be a really health, wholesome catered event that gives your guests insight into the local options, while also boosting the local industry.

The catering at a party is definitely an aspect that needs an experienced touch so it’s worth consulting with local caterers to find the team that will meet your budgetary and personal requirements. Don’t just go for the tried-and-tested party fare, expand your ideas and give your guests something to talk about.

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Certain wristbands can also be used at catering events for access control or even as a mean to identify special catering requirements for individuals at the event.